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News And Notes From NCN (Alliteration, Baby. Alliteration.)

No Credit Needed will host Monday’s Carnival of Debt Reduction –

If you have written an article about debt reduction, please submit it via Blog Carnival.

Savings Chart Update - 

I have created a non-retirement savings goal and I am tracking my progress over at the No Credit Needed Network.  Click here to view my updated progress – NCNSavings2008.  I have managed to save 37.5% of my goal.

I should have a new episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast in the next few days.  I have been very, very busy at work – and I haven’t had the time it takes to record and release a new episode.  But, I hope to be able to sit down tomorrow or Monday and record.  In the meantime, checkout the site and listen to a few of the archived episodes.

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  1. no credit needed is something i wish i could experience. unfortunately i have run my credit into the ground. I need help

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