Vote For NCN Over At FMF – Plus, A Stroll Through My Blogroll

Just like last year, Free Money Finance is hosting a ‘March Madness’ style tournament – pitting the very best personal finance blog posts against each other in a fierce battle to the death! There will be no super-delegates or supreme court rulings. No sir. Every vote counts, including yours!

Round 1 was announced today –

My post – The llustrated Debt Snowball is going up against a great post from Be Thrifty Like Us in ‘Game 2’.

What can you do to participate?

First, head over to Free Money Finance and read all of the Round 1 posts.

Second, leave a comment with FMF and cast your votes.

Third, stay tuned to the competition and continue to vote as we move towards an eventual winner!

Now, This Week’s Stroll Through My Blogroll –

Novel Experiences made homemade grape nuts!

Escape From The Cube has a book reading ‘hack’ that I too have used.

Blunt Money has written a very intriguing post about the person who is ‘standing in your way’.

Paid Twice has another awesome Tell All article.

My Two Dollars suggests that we save money when we take care of our stuff.

Blueprint reminds us that contracts are a big deal.

Lazy Man reveals the silver-lining of the dark cloud that is Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Money Smart Life suggests ways to save money on your water heating.

The Digerati Life quit a job and is getting ready for self-employment.

The Sun’s Financial Diary opened a 401(k) at work.

My man Steve from Geek Out Online has this week’s non-pf link – He just reviewed the latest issue of the Hulk!

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