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The Power Of Having A Plan – And Knowing When To Ask For Help

My dad and I are watching the BCS Championship.  He’s been at the house all day, installing a set of doors for the baby’s room.  Tomorrow, we’re going to finish the playhouse!  (Longtime readers will remember that I started building a playhouse for my daughter last spring.  I completed about 85% of the playhouse, but then I got ‘stuck’.  Frankly, I just didn’t have the skills required to finish the project.  Luckily, my dad is a carpenter, and he’s going to help me finish up tomorrow.  Click here to see a few pictures of the playhouse, as it stands today.  I’ll take a few more shots, once it’s completed.)

As I sit here watching the game and thinking about the playhouse, I’m reminded of the power of having a plan.  I had a plan for the playhouse.  I created a budget.  I bought materials.  I worked hard.  I measured, cut, nailed, sanded, and leveled.  I did my very best.  And, if push came to shove, the playhouse would be “O.K.”.  The windows open and close.  The door swings open and shut.  The roof repels water.  The floor is solid.  The walls are square.  But, as serviceable as it is, it just isn’t ‘complete’.  I want the playhouse to be finished – painted, decorated, and furnished.  I want it to have an electrical outlet, trim around the door, and carpeted floor.  In other words, even though I had a good plan – I had to recognize when to ask for a little help.

It’s cool to admit when you “don’t know how to do something”.  One of my favorite comedians is the late, great, Jerry Clower.  He used to say, “There ain’t no shame gettin’ the seven year itch… the shames in keepin’ it”.  The same holds true as we plan for our financial futures.  There’s no shame in “not knowing”.  The shames in “not knowing” and being content “not knowing”.

As I move forward, I have a general plan for my financial success.  But, I also know that I have a LOT to learn.  Instead of throwing my hands up in frustration (or burying my head in avoidance), I choose to acknowledge my ignorance – AND – I choose to seek guidance from trusted sources.

The third quarter is about to begin, but before I go, I wanted to share a link with you, from Gen X finance.  Gen X always has a unique take on things, and I found this post about avoiding bad decisions to be very, very interesting.  I must admit, as the market moves up and down, it’s easy to get frustrated.  Gen X reminds us to stay focused on the long-term.  Great, great post!

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  1. First let me say GO SEC!! O.K. now that I got that out of my system. I think it is cool you have acquired the skills to get as far as you did. Being new to home ownership and a naturally handy person I have found that there are few thing more satisfying that being able to fix something yourself.

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