Mad Carpentry Skills (Roof, Door, Windows)

It’s been over a month since I’ve written anything about the playhouse that I’m building for my kids. Why? Well, for one thing, I’ve had very, very little about which to write! I’ve been so busy at my job that I haven’t had time to work on the playhouse. But today, the last day of my vacation, I managed to make some pretty decent progress. I’ve installed the door and two windows, and I’ve almost finished the roof. I still need to box-in the eves and work on the inside of the playhouse, but at this point, the inside of the playhouse is protected from wind and rain. I’ve even managed to put a little trim around the outside of one of the windows. (I spent most of Saturday working on the playhouse and I actually managed to run out of nails, trim boards, and two by fours. I’ll have to head back to the store some time next week and pick up more supplies, including a roof vent for finishing the top of the roof.) I had a strange experience last week, before we went on vacation. On three separate occasions, I managed to get on top of the roof and then I kinda “freaked”. I have never been afraid of heights, but I was simply unable to work on the roof without thinking about falling. It was so strange. Today, I got up, propped the ladder, and climbed right on up and went to work, without giving it a second thought. Strange. I think it was the massive amount of stress under which I’ve been. I don’t really know. Anyway, here are some pictures:


11 thoughts on “Mad Carpentry Skills (Roof, Door, Windows)

  1. Looks good, NCN!

    Now all you need is a little fridge in there, cable connection, a comfy lounge chair, and convince your daughter that she would have more fun playing inside your house, and you have a little sanctuary to “get away” in.


  2. Not a bad place, maybe you can use it for rental income? -> With Medicated’s improvements, it could be a great shelter for abused husbands in the neighborhood, just add a card reader to the door – swipe the credit card to get in! Just kidding, but it looks great tho!

  3. Yeah… don’t think that it hasn’t “crossed my mind” to add a big screen tv, a recliner, a mini fridge, and just rename it “dad’s place”…

  4. Your kids are very lucky to have a Dad that is so handy. My kids have an old playset/fort that is rather sorry to see but they enjoy it. If I had the skills to do something like this, we would probably never see them in the house during the summer.

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