50 (Or 100? Or 200?) Free Prints At CVS

We recently returned from our vacation and we have some pictures that I wanted to have developed. (Do you still use the term “developed”?) So, I hit the standard spots, looking for free digital prints. I was in a hurry to get the pictures printed, so I was looking for deals on free prints from local grocery stores or pharmacies. After doing some research and clicking around (mainly over at I was able to find this pretty sweet deal. 50 free prints from CVS. The prints will be available for pickup Sunday at noon! So, as soon as we get out of church, we’ll head to the CVS and get our beach pictures. Here’s how the deal works!

First, go here to register (or apply for) a CVS Extra Care card. (You probably already have one of these cards if you regularly shop at CVS, but if not, you can apply for one online. I already had a card, so I simply had to register my email address.

Then, go here to get 10 bonus prints. You will need to check your email to activate the 10 bonus prints.

Finally, after logging into your account, click on the “order prints” button. Look around for another button labeled “do more” with your photos. Click this and an additional 10 prints will be added to your account.

Oh yeah. according to this post over at, you might be able to register two emails for one CVS card and get 100 free prints! (Or, if you are like us and you have 2 Extra Care accounts, you might be able to work it to get 200 free?!?)

Please take the time to read all of the fine print! I’ll post an ‘update’ some time tomorrow, and let you all know how the prints turned out. (This post does NOT contain any affiliate links!)