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NCN News: Podcast Episode 49, NCN Network Hits 234 Members, Consumerist

Here’s a quick look at all that’s been happening here at No Credit Needed.

I have released Episode 49 of the No Credit Needed Podcast.

You can download the podcast mp3 file directly to your computer, stream it straight from the podcast site, or subscribe to the podcast with iTunes or your favorite pod-catcher. In other words, if you want to listen to the podcast, you can!

The No Credit Needed Network is on fire! I just added the 234th member. Click here to view the latest chart updates and here to see a list of the newest members.

Speaking of networks, No Credit Needed is now a member of the Money Blog Network.

My post about creating a budget if you have irregular income made it to the front page of Consumerist. I’d like to thank “Martha” for her email, requesting that I write a post about irregular income!

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  1. Maybe it’s just me.. but does anyone else keep seeing that the first post’s background is initially white, then turns into the dark grey (as dark as the borders on this site)?

    Makes it hard to read the black and dark red font…! 🙁

    but it’s only doing it for the first post, or when I go to comment – the entire post I’m commenting on (like this one for example) has a grey background.

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