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New Site Design, New Network, New Carnivals, New Podcast

As you can see, I’ve radically changed the look of No Credit Needed. I’ve been looking for a theme that I really, really liked, and I think that I’ve finally found “the one”. I’ll stay with this theme for a few weeks and see if I continue to like it. For now, I like the “anti-credit” feel of the giant red “X”.

I’ve recently joined several of my fellow personal finance bloggers in a new, Feedburner “network”. Here’s the basic idea: You simply subscribe to ONE feed and you’ll receive updates from my site, No Credit Needed, all of the MoneyBlogNetwork sites, plus MyMoneyBlog, The Simple Dollar, Fat Pitch Financials, and Get Rich Slowly. Isn’t that cool? You subscribe to ONE feed and you’ll receive posts from 10 awesome personal finance websites.

Click here to subscribe to the brand new Money: Personal Finance, Investing, And More RSS Feed.

For those of you who may have missed my earlier post, I’ve recorded and released a new episode of the No Credit Needed Podcast.

Finally, I participated in this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance and Carnival of Debt Reduction.

My contributions: What Does It Feel Like To Payoff Over $70K In 19 Months? and The Value Of Having An Emergency Fund.

Some highlights from the Carnivals include:

Everybody Loves Your Money writes about co-signing for a loan.

Single Ma talks about how to close a credit card account without hurting your credit score.

My Two Dollars gets “philosophical” and asks: Do You Own Your Stuff… Or Does Your Stuff Own You!?!

The Simple Dollar writes about making financial mistakes.

We’re In Debt has an excellent article about how paying off a debt “feels”.

I hope you like the new look of my site. The old theme just wasn’t “working” for me anymore.

15 thoughts on “New Site Design, New Network, New Carnivals, New Podcast

  1. This layout is GREAT!!!!!! You made a great choice. I like it so much better than the old green (and a lot better than my layout too).

    Thanks for the mention in your post!

  2. Hazzard… Thanks! I’ve been searching and searching and I “think” I landed on the right layout for what I’m trying to do here at No Credit Needed.

  3. Chris… I’m working on a new .ico… I want to integrate the “new red look”… Thanks!

  4. I like it! This is a great look for your site! I definitely want to change my theme as well, but for now, I’ll focus on content!

  5. Again, Thanks for all of the positive comments… I spent so much time looking for “just” the right theme… and then I found it while searching for, get this, “apples”… for some reason there is someone else using this very theme, but they have an “apple” in place of the “x” at the top…

  6. I guess I am the only one here who will be the devil’s advocate here. I like the new layout…but not the red.

  7. Lulu… I know what you mean… I kinda sorta miss the old green myself… but that theme was getting so out of date and buggy that I had to move on…

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