NCN News

NCN News: July Edition

Here’s a quick look at “all things NCN”.

Head over to the No Credit Needed Podcast to listen to my Special Announcement about the all new Money: Personal Finance RSS Network Feed.  I’ve integrated an audio player into the podcast page, so you can listen to the episode by simply clicking on the podcast player!  It’s pretty cool and makes listening to the podcast super-easy.  Oh yeah, I changed the look-and-feel of the podcast site.  The layout is clean, crisp, and I hope, user-friendly.  No Credit Needed Podcast.

Looking for some motivation to get out of debt?  Check out the No Credit Needed Network.  More than 175 members have posted charts, tracking their debt reduction and savings progress!  I’ve added a brand new, awesome feature for members who have their own websites.  Look at the right-hand side of this page.  See that new mini-chart logo?  It’s located directly beneath the big RSS button.  Members of the NCN Network can now post a mini-chart logo on their sites and share their progress with the world!  No Credit Needed Network.

Finally, here at No Credit Needed, I’ve changed the look of the site.  It was tough to say goodbye to the “old green” blog theme, but it was time for a change.  I hope you like the new look!

Interested in subscribing to No Credit Needed?  There are now 3 ways to be sure you never miss a single post!

1.  Click here to subscribe to No Credit Needed in a feed reader.  This is the most common way folks subscribe to my site.

2.  Click here to subscribe to No Credit Needed via EMAIL.  Several of you have taken advantage of this new feature.  Thanks!

3.  Finally, click here to subscribe to the brand new Money: Personal Finance RSS Network Feed.  What’s that?  Basically, when you subscribe to this feed you’ll receive updates from MY site and updates from 9 other personal finance bloggers.  Click here to read more about this awesome new service.