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What Does It Feel Like To Pay Off Over $70K In 19 Months?

I started the No Credit Needed Network so that I could connect with other people who were trying to get out of debt. Now, with more than 150 members, the Network has grown from a simple “site” to a MAJOR project. I’m really, really amazed by the progress that many of the NCN Network members have made over the course of the last year or so, and I’m really proud of Network member, Debt Monster.

Debt Monster joined the No Credit Needed Network in March of 2006. Since then, she’s paid off more than $70,000! Debt Monster does not have a personal finance blog, but you can read all about her and her eclectic tastes here. To see Debt Monster’s completed chart, click here and visit the NCN Network.

I’m amazed by Debt Monster’s progress… and I’m humbled that she credits the Network for “helping” her. I never dreamed that starting the Network would lead to so many friends, so many success stories, and so much to celebrate.

Debt Monster, it must be said, You ROCK!!!

8 thoughts on “What Does It Feel Like To Pay Off Over $70K In 19 Months?

  1. That’s fantastic! A big congrats to Debt Monster! It’s stories like hers that assure me that I can get out of debt also!

  2. NCN, It is amazing what people can accomplish with a bit of encouragement. Keep up the good work.

  3. Yippy Yippy I’m Debt Free! Thank you NCN and than you Dave Ramsey!!!

    It feels so great. Keep up the hard work everyone, its so worth it!!

    No I’m ready to work on my Fully Funded Emergency Fund. My goal is to save $25,000 in 8 months. I will now be known as saving monster!

  4. That’s so amazing! Just hearing that people accomplish things like this is motivation to keep going and get past the living paycheck to paycheck.

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