Death Of A Cell Phone Update (Resurrection!)

I recently dropped my cell phone and destroyed its inside screen.  After calling Verizon, I was left with the following options:

1.  Purchase a new phone.

2.  Purchase a used phone.

3.  Ask around and see if a friend had an old phone that I could use.

4.  Find my old phone and see if it still worked.

So, I researched Option 1 and quickly decided not to purchase a new, expensive cell phone.  I checked several websites and eBay, looking for a used, replacement phone, but I must admit that I was a bit leery about the idea of buying a used cell phone.  (After doing some research and talking to several people who have purchased used cell phones, I decided against Option 2.  Many ‘used’ cell phones are actually ‘stolen’ cell phones.)  Before I had a chance to ask any friends if they still had their old phones, my daughter reminded me that she still had her ‘play phone’.  Her ‘play phone’ was actually MY old cell phone.  I had given it to her, sans battery, because she wanted to ‘be like Mommy and have a cell phone’.  Honestly, I could never have imagined that the cell phone would still work properly.  Why?  Because, a month ago my little boy dropped the phone into a glass of coke and I had to wash it off in the sink!  But, thankfully, I popped the battery from my new phone into my old phone, turned on the old phone, and it worked!  I called Verizon and they switched the number from the new phone to my old phone and I’m back in business.  I actually prefer my old phone and I’ve never used the mp3 functionality that is built into my new phone.  (The activation of the old phone was free and my daughter now has a NEW phone!)

Lessons learned:

1.  Hang on to your old cell phone!

2.  My daughter has a better memory than I do!

4 thoughts on “Death Of A Cell Phone Update (Resurrection!)

  1. Awesome! I’m so glad that you found a free option and that Verizon didn’t charge you for activation. That’s good to know!

  2. Great news! Thats why I will only use a cellphone provider that runs on a GSM network. You can pop the SIM card into any unlocked phone and it will work. No hassle with calling the provider and no “activation fees” (ie charge customer $30 for pressing a button).

  3. I remembered reading this post a while back and now that we just upgraded our phones (for free), I’m canceling phone insurance (shouldn’t have bought it in the first place but wasn’t thinking) and instead I’m making sure we keep our old phones in a safe place. Thanks for saving us $6/month!

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