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No Creativity Needed (Just Linking To Some Great Reads!)

Looking for something to read?  Here’s a rundown of personal finance posts that “caught my eye” this past week:

Cap has written a great post about blogging (specifically, personal finance blogging).

Searchlight Crusade has written… well, a TON of great posts about buying and selling real estate.  This blog is a must-read!

The American dollar traded in a car, worked a deal, wrote a post about it, and is riding in style.

David has gone on vacation and he’s not spending a ton of money.

Thinking about starting a website so that you can quit your real job, make piles of cash, and ‘take it easy’?  Read this article by Goldguru first!

Trent writes about Emergency Funds.  How much should you have in your emergency fund?  My answer? 12 months worth of expenses.

JLP watched the movie “Maxed Out”.  Read his thoughts, especially people and their ignorance about credit cards.

Blogging Away Debt answers a question about ‘why it took so long‘ to focus on debt reduction.  Me?  I just never realized how important it was to start EARLY!

Jim’s raising money for the Make A Wish Foundation.  Donate, donate, donate, donate, donate!!!

Blunt Money talks about high school and the great ‘what if’.

Clever Dude wrote a post about paying off a loan early.  Debt reduction ROCKS!

Flexo wrote an AMAZING post about opening a Roth IRA and a 401K.  I’ve already linked to this post ONCE, but I’m linking to it AGAIN.  Why?  You need to read it!

Trying to get out of lease?  Read this interview by FMF.

A few weeks ago, Nickel wrote a post about avoiding gift taxes.  I liked the post, bookmarked it, and now I’m sharing it with you.

J.D. writes a post aimed at recent graduates.  I wish I would have read this post 15 years ago!

Graceful Retirement is a brand new blog that I’ve enjoyed reading.  Check it out.

Michael, with a post about cars, debt reduction, and Dave Ramsey.  (Pay it off… pay it off… pay it off…)

Lazy Man bought a gadget… and made me green with envy!


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