Death Of A Cell Phone

Back in December, my wife and I used Verizon’s “New Every Two Program” to get new cell phones.  Yesterday, while getting out of the car, I dropped my LG VX8300 and the inside screen was destroyed.  I can still receive and make phone calls but I can’t send text messages, I can’t see who is calling, and I can’t use the camera feature.  So, I’m in the market for a new cell phone.  I’ve never actually purchased a phone without signing up for a service plan.  In fact, until yesterday, I was unsure if I could purchase a phone and then associate that phone with my current service plan.  I called Verizon, and yes, I can buy a phone and then use it with my current plan.  So far, I’ve looked at the Verizon website, Amazon, and eBay.  According to Verizon, their Total Equipment Coverage is $5.99 a month PLUS a $50 deductible per insurance claim.  I, of course, did not purchase insurance for the phone.  6 months @ $5.99 equals $35.94, plus $50 equals $85.94.  So, if I can find a replacement for less than $85.94, I feel better about the situation.  As strange as this sounds, it’s always fun to have an “excuse” to spend a little money.  Plus, it looks like I might be able to sell my old phone for “parts” on eBay.  I’ll have more as the situation unfolds.

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  1. Hello NCN, we just had the same phone die for my daughter, whom thought a little water accident would dry up. It didn’t.

    The best option we received was calling Verizon and ordering a refurbished phone for $106 with tax and shipping. I haven’t received it yet, but hopefully everything runs smooth. They wanted $149.99 for the cheapest in store, replacement.

  2. Does Verizon have GSM and use sim cards for its phone. When my phone was damaged I purchased a $20 one from Walmart and plugged in my sim card.

  3. I know what you mean about the “excuse” to spend money. I even feel that way about grocery shopping. Kinda makes me realize exactly how little money we spend when I consider grocery money fun. And that, in itself, makes me feel good.

    Plus, I am ALL ABOUT hunting down the best bargains for our money. In fact, just yesterday, I went to Walgreens after looking at their weekly circular. Every single thing I bought (and I honestly, truly NEEDED to buy all of it) was buy one get one free. I spent $58 but got twice that much in product! Yay!

  4. I got my wife the VX8500 (aka Chocolate) for Christmas. I don’t recommend it unless you have small fingers.

    Just last week I got the VX8700 for myself. It’s a slim flip phone and I really like the features. I wanted something slim, but durable, and with a decent camera. This one beats out the Motorola SLVR in all categories except battery life. The camera is 2mp, while most other phones are only 1.3mp.

    I got the phone for $50 after the “new every 2” $100 off and a $50 mail-in rebate. I have no reason to switch off verizon in the next 2 years, so I don’t mind staying on a contract.

  5. Verizon does not use sim based phones in the US, but there is a new Blackberry that allows for a sim card to be used when one is abroad.

    I would do what D mentioned and try to get a deal on a refurb phone through Verizon. If that doesn’t work try eBay, but before you buy the phone verify that its ESN is valid. You can get the ESN from the seller and then call Verizon to have them verify that the phone has not been reported as lost or stolen (such phones are “blacklisted” and can not be activated). Another option you could look into is try the buy/sell thread at Sometimes you can find a great deal, esp with people who love to get rid of their phone once a new model is out.

    Anyways good luck!

  6. I would personally start asking around to friends. People hate throwing out old cell phones when they upgrade and they hang onto them just in case. Verizon is one of the most popular carriers so I can’t imagine you wouldn’t have one friend hanging onto an old phone with no service.

    Is Verizon going to charge you an activation fee for this phone, whether you get it from them or used somewhere else? Their activation fees are usually $35 unless you’re signing up for a new agreement.

  7. What, you’re not getting an iPhone? C’mon, it’s only $600!

    Seriously, good luck with the phone situation. We upgraded last year and I ended up going back to my old phone. It looks like something wrestled out of a lion’s mouth, but it’s simple and makes phone calls and that’s all I need.

  8. REmeber the days , not so long ago, the phone companies gave you a phone to entice you to sign up with them. Geuss they figured out how stupid that was – when they found out they can make more money by charging for the phone. Now they see how many features they can get in a phone – si they can charge you even more. Can you say iphone.

  9. Look for one on craigslist. I just found bought one from someone on there. We met at a local Verizon office, and I had it hooked up right then. The phone was 2 mths old and I got it for 50% the cost of a new one.

  10. I’m not sure what all the fuss is about buying new phones when they become obsolete minutes after leaving the store.

    So save some change and wait a few months to get those “new phones” cheap through ebay or craigslist.

    Just my 2 cents worth.

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