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Huge Carnival And Several NCN Network Updates

Get Rich Slowly has compiled a list of the 82 best personal finance articles from the past two years.  No Credit Needed was lucky enough to be listed at the top of the list, so my site is getting a ton of traffic.  (The posts were not “ranked”.  My site just happens to be listed first.)  Having hosted several blog carnivals, I know how much work compiling them can be.  J.D. did an AWESOME job with this week’s Carnival of Personal Finance.  Visit his site, and bookmark this week’s carnival.  You’ll need several hours to read all of the posts… and those will be hours well spent!

I’ve updated several charts over at the No Credit Needed Network site.  Click here for a list of the most-recently updated charts.  Several new members have joined the NCN Network site and several other members have updated their charts.  It’s super-awesome to see the progress that the members of the NCN Network are making.

Money Walks has posted this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction.  Take a few minutes to check it out.