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Silly Ad Popping-Up And A New Podcast Episode

Apparently, one of the ads running at the bottom of this page has been creating a full-page pop-up ad! Yuck! So, I’ve removed the offending ad code.

(If a pop-up ad appears when you read this page, PLEASE contact me and let me know. I hate pop-ups!)

I’ve released Episode 45 of the No Credit Needed Podcast. (Clicking the link will take you to the No Credit Needed Podcast homepage, where you can stream, download, or subscribe to the podcast.)

Speaking of podcasts, they’re my favorite form of “free entertainment”. Here’s a brief list of my favorite podcasts.

The Overnightscape (This is one of the oldest podcasts. Frank is about to release Episode 600!)

Croncast (Hands down, Kris and Betsy are the funniest podcast-couple on the planet.)

Verge of The Fringe and The Bitterest Pill (Podcast legends, Lance and Dan)

Jesus Jamboree (My cousin, Steve, and his friend, Jared, have a podcast. (I show up, from time to time.)

Money Blogger Podcast (Great podcast. Interviews with personal finance authors (and bloggers). I was interviewed way back in February of 2006!)

Geek Farm Life and Wiggly Wigglers (I love these podcasts about rural living and farm life.)

History According To Bob (Bob is the most dedicated podcaster in the world. He releases several episodes per week.)

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