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No Credit Needed Podcast Now Has More Than 400 Subscribers!

A little over a year ago, I created the No Credit Needed Podcast.

I check my stats once or twice a month. I logged into my Feedburner account today and I was met with a pleasant surprise. The No Credit Needed Podcast now has over 400 subscribers! (422 to be exact.)

In total, the episodes of the podcast have been downloaded more than 22,500 times! Wow. I had no idea.

I’ve been recording and releasing episodes, and I knew that I had 200+ subscribers, but I am amazed that there have been so many downloads. (I wonder how many people have simply ‘streamed’ the podcast from the website? I’ll have to look into that, and see if that information is buried in the stats page.)

Here’s a chart of the subscriber growth rate over the last year:


It’s been a while since I checked my podcast rating over at Digg. So, I checked that out, and I am pleased to see that my podcast is still on the front page of the Business Podcast section. Here’s a screen capture:


As you can see, 27 people have “dugg” the No Credit Needed Podcast. (If you’d like to make sure that this independently produced personal finance podcast STAYS on the front page, click over to the Business Podcast section and “digg” the No Credit Needed Podcast! You can find the podcast listed at the bottom of the page.)

Finally, I decided to check out the Business News section of iTunes. The No Credit Needed Podcast is STILL in the top 25! This despite the fact that it is surrounded by podcasts from Business Week, Dave Ramsey, Bloomberg, UBS, and the like.


I’d like to thank all of you who have listened to the podcast, dugg it over at digg, subscribed to the feed, or reviewed the podcast over at iTunes. For those of you who are new to my site (or never realized that I had a podcast) please take a second to visit the No Credit Needed Podcast homepage and/or subscribe to the No Credit Needed Podcast RSS Feed. (If you go to the NCN Podcast homepage, you will see a click-able iTunes link, for easy subscribing via iTunes!) Feel free to contact me if you need help listening to, subscribing to, or downloading the No Credit Needed Podcast.

(I’ll be recording a new episode of the podcast this evening. Stay tuned!)

5 thoughts on “No Credit Needed Podcast Now Has More Than 400 Subscribers!

  1. I been listening since episode 1. Just so you know, I started downloading with Juice, then added itunes later – so as of 9 months or so ago, I’m actually downloading your podcast twice, once in Juice and again in itunes. I’ll have to get over to digg and give you a digg it. Look forward to the new episode.

  2. If I wasn’t sucked into this world of debt-reduction blogging already, now I’m wrapping my head around the fact that there’s a *podcast* of NCN. If I download this I’m sure I’ll have a blast. But who do I become at that point?? Let me find that link…

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