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I’ve been checking my RSS stats lately, and I’ve noticed a nice ‘uptick’ in the number of subscribers. So, I thought I’d make it even easier for reader’s to receive daily updates from No Credit Needed. First, however, a little information about RSS.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. Basically, a reader ‘subscribes’ to a site’s content using a ‘feed reader’. Personally, I use Google Reader, but there are dozens of quality feed readers that you can choose from. Once you select a feed reader, you’ll want to subscribe to your favorite blogs. (May I suggest No Credit Needed?)

If you look at the top left-hand side of this page, you will see a bright blue button that looks like this:

Most websites will have a similar button, usually labeled “Subscribe” or “Subscribe To”. Simply click on one of those buttons and your browser will take you to an ‘options’ page, giving you a choice of which feed reader you’d like to use to subscribe to that particular feed.

If you do not see button at the top of particular page, that does not mean that that particular site does not offer a feed. Look in the ‘address bar’ of your browser. If a site has a feed, you will more than likely see an RSS button at the far right side of the address bar.

Whew. Now that you know a little bit more about RSS feeds, I’ll give you all the information that you need to subscribe to No Credit Needed. Simply click this link to subscribe to the No Credit Needed RSS Feed. If your browser does not automatically open your feed reader, simply copy and past the following RSS url:

Now, the big news. I’ve added a BRAND NEW way to subscribe to No Credit Needed. EMAIL! That’s right. Instead of going through the process of using a feed reader, you can simply subscribe using your email address. Once a day, you’ll receive an email containing the latest posts from No Credit Needed. (You can unsubscribe at any time and your email will only be used for the purpose of subscribing to No Credit Needed.) There are 2 ways to subscribe via email. Simply fill out the form below OR click this link to subscribe via email.

Enter your email address: Delivered by FeedBurner

Thank you for taking the time to subscribe to No Credit Needed. (After you enter your email address, you’ll need to check your email for a confirmation email from FeedBurner.)

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  1. One of those new subscribers is me!! I love your blog, and have gotten into the whole RSS feed thing this past month. I have over 50 blogs on personal finanace and graphic design 😛 I’m hooked.

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