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The 88th Edition Of The Carnival Of Debt Reduction Hosted By No Credit Needed

Welcome to the 88th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction. If you are new here, I’m “NCN” which stands for No Credit Needed. My long-term personal finance goal is to live my life “No Credit Needed”. I’m trying to live my life without ever borrowing money! Before you read any further, take a second to subscribe to No Credit Needed, so that you can keep up with me and my journey. Will I make it? Subscribe and find out!

88th Edition of the Carnival of Debt Reduction:

There are many components of a well-designed debt reduction, but, basically, radical debt reduction comes down to the following things:

Spend Less Than You Earn:

The Frugalist gives us 27 Tips and Tricks for reducing gasoline usage. Remember, the more money that you can “save”, the more money you will have available for debt reduction!

Campus Grotto writes about ways to save money while in college. (I did not attend college, so, I’ll just add that these tips will work for those of you in trade school, high school, or those who might work for a corporation which offers lots of “perks”.)

How To Make A Million Dollars with a post about saving money when dealing with Comcast cable. Personally, we use Dish Network, and if it were not for about four shows, we’d shut the whole thing off and just read books (or personal finance blogs!).

Find New Sources Of Income:

My Two Dollars made mad cash selling stuff on Craig’s list. (I’m a huge fan of eBay, Craig’s list, yard sales, etc. Look around your house… I’ll bet that you have $300 (or more) worth of “junk” just sitting around, ready to be sold! Think “outside of the box”.

Get Motivated:

Prime Time Money with a post about “Man Vs. Debt”. What would YOU do if you HAD to change your personal finances, right NOW!?!

Blogging Away Debt recaps a NY Times about the “credit trap”. Great article, written by John Leland (the same dude who interviewed me a few months ago!)

Everybody Loves Your Money with a big post about banks, credit… tons of stuff! This article spans SEVERAL categories! ELYM, you rock!

Use A Spending Plan And Change Your Habits:

The Wastrel Show writes an article about using a notebook to control spending. (I love it!)

Personal Finance Blog Articles talks about creating as household budget. (I’m a big fan of using a budget to control spending.)

Binary Dollar with ideas about changing your personal finance-related behaviors. It is super important to realize that blaming “circumstances” and “others” can only last so long. Eventually, we must look at the “man in the mirror” and hold HIM responsible for our financial futures.

Beyond Sanity shares 8 ways to survive (and thrive) while getting out of debt. (Might I add, being debt-free ROCKS?!?)

Understand How Credit Works:

Michael Emilio with a post about improving your credit.

My Credit Scores with a single idea about improving your credit.

Money Smart Life with an interesting post about credit card companies… and their honesty! Wowsers! At first I thought, “No WAY!” but, then I read the article, and MSL is correct!

My Credit Scores writes about how to stop “junk mail”. (Hint: If you don’t RECEIVE credit card offers, you are less likely to APPLY for credit cards. Brilliant!)

There you go, several post about saving money, living on a budget, finding motivation, and improving your credit. Normally, the Carnival of Debt Reduction is a bit more “focused”, with posts that are about.. ummm.. debt reduction. But, this week, the articles were a bit more “general” in nature. So, if you are looking for posts that focus more on debt reduction itself, I’ve written a few over the past two years.

10 Ideas About How To Begin

Almost Everything I Know About Debt Reduction

Finally, if you are new to my site, may I suggest checking out the No Credit Needed Network and the No Credit Needed Podcast. Both of those sites work in “connection” with No Credit Needed to keep you informed about debt reduction, debt repayment, frugal living, saving money, and investing for your future. Thanks for stopping by and comments, as always, are welcome!

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