Awesome Days For NCN: Lifehacker, NY Times, Oprah, Televison

It has been a great couple of months for No Credit Needed. I usually try to write blog posts about personal finance, focusing on my own progress, my own struggles, ets. This post will be a little bit different. This post is about the “Blog” itself.

First, NCN was linked to by

Second, NCN was linked to by

Third, NCN was linked to (and interviewed) by the N.Y. Times and several other newspapers.

Fourth, NCN was interviewed by Jean Chatzky of the Oprah and Friends on XM Radio. (My interview will be played TOMORROW at 6Am, Noon, and 6PM! Please tune in and listen. After the show airs, I’ll write a “behind the scenes” post about the interview itself! Oprah and Friends is on XM Channel 156.)

Fifth, NCN will be interviewed by a television station out of ATLANTA. The interview will be Thursday afternoon. I’m going to be “hush, hush” about the interview until it happens, but IF all goes well, it could be a pretty cool deal.

I want to thank all of my visitors and my fellow pf bloggers. You have REALLY, REALLY helped to keep me accountable, move me along, inspire me, challenge me, and push me. Thank you so much! You all rock!

It’s still so super-funny to me that I do all of this writing from my kitchen table and my laundry room! Hehe…

13 thoughts on “Awesome Days For NCN: Lifehacker, NY Times, Oprah, Televison

  1. NCN, I’d consider posting the mp3 at my site (or at least linking to it). If you have a copy, let me know so that I can listen to it. Thanks!

  2. Hey NCN,
    Congratulations on your exposure. You’ve been on this ride for quite awhile and accomplished some pretty amazing things. I can remember looking at your debt charts long ago and now you are blogging about how much money you are saving. Life is good!!

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