1 thought on “Carnivals Up!

  1. Thank you for that feedback, now let me share mine…

    Would it not have been the least bit considerate of you to advise people that you had not accepted their post(s) and why? If I’m not mistaken I sent my submission well in advance of your deadline, and if you would have made a simple gesture to let me know the circumstances of your “rejection” I could have made ample corrections or submitted a more suitable article.

    The Blog Carnival site i used to submit my article did not list any “question” in particular that I saw. I am not upset at being rejected, if I was wrong I was wrong, but could you have not been a decent person and say so– Instead of waiting for me to be disappointed?

    I mentioned that it was my first submission to a carnival along with my article I sent. But as most things go pleading ignorance is not acceptable.

    Perhaps you are too busy in life to be considerate of other people, or maybe you think that every joe that submits a post is simply some joe with idle time to waste, and that they do not take special consideration into writing a special post for their first carnival. Or maybe it was an utter lack of judgment on your part.

    In either case, I am ultimately mistaken for sending my article into the avoid assuming that people are decent and considerate.

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