Wachovia $50 Bonus For Opening Free Checking

If you are looking for free checking account, may I suggest using Wachovia.  I have a free checking account with them, and I like their service.  Right now, they are offering a $50 sign-up bonus when you open a free checking account.  Here are the details, ripped from their online site:

To qualify for the $50 bonus offer, you must open a Wachovia Free Checking account by clicking on the “Apply Now” button, visit a participating Wachovia Financial Center, or contact Wachovia at (800) 987-2945. When opening the account at a Wachovia Financial Center, you must bring in a copy of this page.  When opening the account via telephone, you must provide the following special code:  FRNA

Account must be opened in good faith and remain in good standing through 04/30/2007 in order to be eligible for the offer.  Account must be funded with a minimum opening deposit of $100. Offer expires on 04/01/2007. Limit one bonus offer per household. Not valid with any other promotion or offer. Accounts subject to approval. Other fees may apply. The $50 bonus will appear in the form of a credit to the account within 60 days of the offer expiration date.  The value of this bonus may be reported to the IRS and the recipient is responsible for any related federal, state, or local taxes.

For all of the information about the account and the $50 bonus, click this link.

What I like about Wachovia’s free checking:  No minimum balance requirement, no monthly service charge, free online banking, free debit card, and NO direct deposit requirement.  If you want to write checks on this account, you will need to purchase checks.  (You can buy checks from Wachovia, or shop around and buy the types of checks that you like.  Many people buy their checks from a place like Sam’s Club.)

I am not affiliated with Wachovia, and the above is NOT an affiliate link.  I just dig their customer service.  They’ve always been nice to me.

5 thoughts on “Wachovia $50 Bonus For Opening Free Checking

  1. Bank of America is MUCH better than Wachovia. I have their Free Student Checking Account. I received a free box of checks (150), No minimum balance requirement, no monthly service charge, free online banking, free debit card, and NO direct deposit requirement. Wachovia has this stupid rule that if you deposit money after 2 it won’t be available until the next day!!! Not at Bank of America, whenever you deposit your money, its available right then and there!!! If you deposit your money at 4:59 it will be available at 4:59!! I also love the fact that they are open on Saturday especially since I get paid on Fridays and I usually don’t arrive home until 6:30. Bank of America is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I agree. Wachovia stinks, but I thought it might be nice to get the free $, transfer it out and then just let it sit there dormant collecting dust for Wachovia. I signed up with them when I loved in South Carolina and was relatively happy. But then when I moved to NYC they messed up hardcore. Not only did they not link my ATM card to the new bank account, they sent my checks to my old address in South Carolina. I was ready to kill them. They gave me an engraved pen. All was well with the world until I used the card again a few years later and found out that they STILL hadn’t fixed the problem. I also dropped the pen and the enamel shattered letting me know that not only the apology didn’t mean much, but neither did the pen. But hey, $50 bones, why not? I can forgive them a little bit, or at least pretend to.

  3. hey i work for pnc bank and you know what? banks are kind of a scam. people getting charged fees up the a**. but u know what…when it comes down to it they’re there for the profit. u get a service and u pay for it. you mess up because u dont know their rules? then you REALLY pay for it.

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