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IRS Free File Information

The IRS (in partnership with the Free File Alliance) provides links to various companies which provide free electronic tax filing.  Here’s a summary of the free file information.  For all of the information, please click this link to go to the IRS site.


Since 2003, 15.4 million people have used Free File.

Free File allows people with AGI (Adjusted Gross Income) of less than 52K to file for free.

70 percent of Americans qualify for Free File.

Free File covers your FEDERAL tax return.  Some companies charge for state returns.  Some offer free state returns.  Check each site for details.

You are NOT required to purchase additional products from the companies providing this FREE service.

Most companies require that you access their sites via the Free File link at the IRS site, in order to qualify for Free File services.

Last year I used this service, and it worked like a charm.  Click around, research the companies, and save a little money!

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