Debt Reduction

No Credit Needed Debt Repayment Method

If I were in debt today, this is the method I would use to get out of debt.

I would list my account balances.

I would list my monthly minimum payments.

I would pay my minimum monthly payments.

I would then seek to accumulate as much money as possible, during the month, for additional debt repayment.

I would put this additional money towards the account with the highest
interest rate. (This breaks with the technique that I actually used. I paid
my debts off lowest balance to highest balance. Now that I am more
disciplined, I would use the highest interest method. Either method
works. I would not get bogged down in the method. I would get started!)
I would search for lower rates for all of my debts.

I would seek to lower my credit card rates by searching for lower-rate cards, and calling my credit card companies and asking for lower-rates.

I would analyze the benefits of refinancing my automobile loans.

I would be very, very diligent.

I would look for any opportunity that I could find to make or save money.

I would use every extra dollar for debt repayment.

I would not use my credit cards.

I would sell items that I did not need.

I would get out of debt as quick as I could, using every tool available to me.

I would not use a home equity loan.

I would not use a credit counseling service.

I would focus my “mental, physical, emotional and spiritual” energies towards my debt repayment plan.

I would be determined.

I would use online bill pay to eliminate postal error.

I would not give my checking account information to my creditors.

I would eliminate unnecessary spending.

I would eliminate frivolous spending.

I would not pay attention to what my friends or neighbors were saying or buying.

I would not try to keep up appearances.

I would talk to my wife, every single day, about how much I loved her, and how awesome it was going to be when we were debt free.

I would continue to tithe.

I would contribute to my retirement account, but only the amount that received a match from employer.

I would read as many personal finance blogs as I could find!

3 thoughts on “No Credit Needed Debt Repayment Method

  1. thanks for this great list.

    could you add an additional comment about the 2 items below please:

    > I would not give my checking account information to my creditors.

    > I would not use a credit counseling service.

    thank you.

  2. >I would continue to tithe.

    Why give your money to religious parasites?

    Then how about adding this one to the list “Start your own church & get people to hand over parts of their paychecks to you, because it makes them feel good & you tell them that they’re going to go to heaven faster”??

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