Can You Hear Me NOW?

So, in an effort to squeeze a few more bucks out of my monthly bills, I first contacted Dish Network, and was able to save 10 dollars per month for 10 months. Next, I went over my Verizon bill with a fine-tooth comb. Guess what, I was paying 10 dollars a month (5 for each phone) for unlimited in-network text messages and 50 out-of-network text messages. Well, I got to looking at my past bills, and I send and receive a maximum of 20 text messages. So, I was paying 10 dollars for 20 messages, or .50 per message! So, I canceled the 10 dollars a month charge, and now I will simply pay for the individual messages (.10 per message or 2.00 per month). Bing Bang Boom – 12 Months x 8 dollars = 96 dollars. Between the Dish Network and the Verizon, I will save 196 dollars this year. Yes! I totally, frugally, rock!