Debt Story

15 Months: Time To Reflect

15 Months ago, April 6 to be exact, I owed 11,510.22 dollars. Yesterday, July 7 to be exact, I deposited 1300 dollars into my ING Savings account, bringing my personal savings (excluding retirement) to 12,300 dollars. In other words, in 15 months, I have managed to positively change my financial position by 23810.22 dollars. Yes! Folks, this stuff works. I want to encourage you to: get out of debt, stay out of debt, and save money. I know, I know. My blog is full of basic, everyday stuff. No mysterious stock tips, no super-savvy credit card manipulations. Heck, I don’t even talk about refinance or surfing debt balances. Nope. I just talk about paying off your debt. That’s it. I talk about it with passion and truthfulness. My “secret” to success? I have a plan, I work the plan, I get back on the plan when I make a mistake, and I hold my self responsible. I created my debt. I was responsible for paying off my debt. I made a decision, I placed a stake in the ground, and I promised myself that my life would change. Do you have the courage to do the same? Trust me, putting your head in the sand and hoping that your debt will go away, will not work. Interest will pile up, payments will pile up, your debt balances will pile up. Start to shovel today! Today!!!

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