Savings Rate Poll

I’ve noticed that the savings rate for my ING account has been creeping towards 5 percent. Other online savings accounts are offering 5 percent or higher. This got me to thinking. If you could “lock-in” a savings rate for your retirement investing, what rate would it take for you to get out of the stock market and simply have all of your money in cash? Dave Ramsey says that you have to make about 6 percent in a taxable account, just to keep up with inflation. So, what rate would you need to get to say to yourself: “Man, that’s a good, solid, risk-free rate… I think I’ll move all of my money there and just leave it…” This is my very first poll, so be gentle!

At What Rate Would You Move All Your Money To Cash?
  Seven Percent
  Eight Percent
  Nine Percent
  Ten Percent
  Eleven Percent
  No Way, I Love My Stocks!
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