Super Fast Money Savings:

I have an hour to go before I HAVE to be asleep. So, I decided to try to save some money. First, my Dish Network bill. I have received several “promo” offers in the mail from Dish Network and DirectTV, offering discount for new subscribers. As a loyal subscriber to Dish Network, I decided call their customer service, and see if I could get the reduced rate. Here’s how it went:

Talked to first customer service rep: No real answer, transferred to 2nd level.

Spoke to: “A” She was very, very nice. After about 4 minutes of reminding her that I was a loyal customer (5 years plus), but that I was thinking of leaving Dish for DirectTV (NFL)… She offered me 10 dollar a month discount for 10 months (thus meeting the best Dish offer I had received in the mail.) I pressed a bit to get a reduction for my local channels, but had no luck. So, my bill will reduced by 10 dollars over the next 10 months, for a nice savings of 100 dollars.

This call lasted about 12 minutes. Not bad…

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