Will I Do It?

So, in an effort to save a few more bucks, I want to get rid of one for the following monthly bills: Please vote on which one I can do without, which one I really, really need, and which one you already do without.

Contestant 1: Satellite Television: We live in a rural area, and the only type of TV we can get is Satellite Television. I have TV provided by Dish Network. 2 Standard receivers, one DISH PVR. Monthly Total: 62.00 dollars. Yearly savings: 744 dollars.
Cons: I LOVE Television, my kids have a few show they like, and My life LOVES Lifetime. PLUS: NFL SEASON is on the horizon. I gots to have my NFL!!! Pros: Save money, get off my butt, expand my time for other things.

Contestant 2: Cell Phones: We have cell phones by Verizon. Family plan, monthly bill roughly amounts to 80.00. Yearly Savings: 960 dollars. Pros: My wife LOVES her cell phone, and we both enjoy the convenience. Plus, I feel safer when she is traveling with her cell. Cons: We already have a land-line phone and the dangers of driving and talking.

Contestant 3: High Speed Internet: I pay 50 dollars a month for DSL from our local telephone company. 600 dollars a year. Pros: I am a nerd. I need my speed. I love my DSL Cons: Too many and too painful to list. How would I live?

So, of the three, which should I get rid of? Any and all feedback would be appreciated. Thanks, NCN