2006 State Sales Tax Holidays

Whew. After much research, I have compiled a chart of all of the State Sales Tax Holidays for the year of 2006. I hope that this chart will help you as you look for bargains. Basically, states will set asside certain dates during the year so that consumers can purchase goods (usually for school) without paying state sales tax. Each state has a unique type of sales tax exemption, so please click on the state link for more information about a particular state. I hope you find this chart useful! I will update it as more info. is provided. As you can see, there are 5 states which do not charge state sales tax, there are several states which have approved a sales tax holday, and several more states which have legislation pending. An “N/A” indicates that I could find no mention of a state sales tax holdiay for that particular state. Feel free to share this info, but if you mention it, I’d appreciate a link to this page. This chart took a lot of time to put together. Also, be warned, some of the links lead to pdf files. Here’s the chart:

2006 State Sales Tax Holidays
Alabama August 4 � 6
Alaska No State Sales Tax
Arizona Voted Down
Arkansas N / A
California N / A
Colorado N / A
Connecticut August 20 � 26
Delaware No State Sales Tax
Florida July 22 – 30
Georgia August 3 – 6
Hawaii N / A
Idaho N / A
Illinois N / A
Indiana N / A
Iowa August 4 � 5
Kansas Pending?
Kentucky No
Louisiana N / A
Maine N / A
Maryland August 23 � 27
Massachusetts August 12 – 13
Michigan N / A
Minnesota N / A
Mississippi N / A
Missouri August 4 � 6
Montana No State Sales Tax
Nebraska N / A
Nevada N / A
New Hampshire No State Sales Tax
New Jersey No Sales Tax On Clothing
New Mexico August 4 � 6
New York August 4 � 6
New York City Jan. 30 � Feb. 5
North Carolina August 4 � 6
North Dakota N / A
Ohio N / A
Oklahoma Pending?
Oregon No State Sales Tax
Pennsylvania No Sales Tax On Clothing
Rhode Island Pending?
South Carolina August 4 � 6
South Dakota N / A
Tennessee August 4 � 6
Texas August 4 � 6
Utah N / A
Vermont N / A
Virginia August 4 � 6
Washington N / A
Washington D.C. August 2006 / Nov. 2006
West Virginia N / A
Wisconsin N / A
Wyoming N / A