Savings Story

Savings At 7000… Oh Yeah… I’ve Been Here 1 Year

So, in all the hustle and bustle of maintaining the 3 sites, working, parenting my 2 kids, enjoying my marriage, and leading FPU at our church, I MISSED my 1 year anniversary here at No Credit Needed! My first post was April 6, 2005, and if you want to check out my beginning debt balances, you can click here. 11K Plus. Now, about a year later, we have no debt, 7K in savings, and 2K in our checking. So, basically, that’s a 20K Plus change in our net worth. Yay!

I want to thank all of you for visiting, reading the blog, joining the NCN Network, listening to the podcasting, typing emails, and leaving comments. You guys rock! I hope you will check out my blogroll, and visit all of the blogs that I like. (If you’d like to find your way onto my blogroll, just hit me up with a comment or an email, and I’ll gladly check out your site… No promises, but if it’s a decent site, I’ll be glad to add it.)

As for my current goals: 20K in savings by 10-10-2006 and then it is on to some serious retirement savings.

(I sent in 200 dollars this week to make a grand total of 7K in savings.)

Last thing, I’ve been able to give out a few ING Direct referrals this week, and I’d love to give out a few more! If you deposit 250 bucks or more, you get 25 bucks and I get 10. Hit me up with an email at and I’ll be glad to send you a referral.

Oh yeah, check out the NCN Network page for our April Updates. You’ll be amazed!