10 Free Computer Products I Use Everyday

1. OpenOffice from OpenOffice.Org. Free word processor, speadsheet, etc. I like it much better than Microsoft Office.

2. Firefox. The best browser, by far.

3. AVG Anti-Virus. Free, easy to use.

4. Thunderbird Email Application. See Firefox.

5. Yahoo Finance / Google Finance.


7. Audacity. An awesome audio recording program. I use it for my podcast!

8. Itunes.

9. ABC. Another BitTorrent Client.

10. Blogrolling / Feedburner. I use blogroll to manage my links, and feedburner to manage my feeds.

2 thoughts on “10 Free Computer Products I Use Everyday

  1. Do you still use AVG Anti-virus? Just wondered if you still use it and like it. I’m looking for free anti-virus protection and I don’t know what to use.

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