Well, if you read this post last week, you saw that I made a stock purchase that I immediately regretted. I was so embarrassed by it, that I wouldn’t even give out the details. Well, the stock made a pretty big rally today, I was able to sell at a profit, and now I feel okay about the deal.

Here’s what went down

Bought 800 shares of CBMX (CombiMatrix Group) @ 2.2101 = 1768.08
Sold 800 shares of CBMX (CombiMatrix Group) @ 2.24 = 1792.00
Paid Commissions of 4.95 X 2 = 9.90
SEC Fee of .06

1792 – 1768.08 – 9.90 – .06 = 13.91 PROFIT

So, Over all through 3 trades, here is where I stand:

Trade 1: Made 2.04
Trade 2: Made 6.04
Trade 3: Made 13.91
Interest Income: Made .75
Sign-Up Bonus: 100

Total for my 1800 dollar “investment” at TradeKing: 122.74 in 8 Trading Days.

I will not be buying or selling any more stock for a few days. Yes, yes, I know that I will have to pay tax on this money. Yes, yes, I know that I should buy and hold. I’m doing this so that I can figure out how things work. (If anyone can tell me what 122.74 made from 1800 in 8 days works out to as an annual percentage rate, I sure would appreciate it. Also, if you could tell me how to figure something like that out, I’d be grateful.)