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Four Years Without A Car Payment

I was sifting through some old paperwork today, and I stumbled across an old letter from our bank.  It was dated September 8, 2005.  I was pleased to see that it was a notice from our bank, informing us that our car loan had been paid-in-full.  I smiled as I put the letter back in its place and then I went searching through the No Credit Needed Archives – for a quick trip down memory lane. On August 29, 2005, I sent the final payment to our bank and paid off our car loan.  It’s hard to believe, but it’s been four years since we’ve had a car payment.  And to think, I used to be one of those folks…

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How We Changed Our Family’s Financial Future

My wife and I have been debt free for more than three years.  Here’s how we turned our lives around and changed our family’s financial future. We began to spend less than we earned. Brilliant, no?  It sounds so simple, but the reality is, many Americans spend more each month than they earn. We put our credit cards in our wallets – and just left them there. We stopped using our credit cards.  We didn’t cut them up or freeze them in a bowl of water – we simply made a decision to stop using them.  This might have been the single most important thing we have ever done. We began to live on a budget. Following a zero-based budget,…

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Midnight Meanderings – Slight Site Redesign

Site Redesign – I have made a few changes to the look and feel of No Credit Needed.  I hope these changes improve the sites usability.  If you subscribe to No Credit Needed via RSS or email, you can click here to view the new look of the site. From my other sites – No. Calories Needed – Hit My First Stall But I Am Still Going! No Credit Needed Network – Debt Reduction Celebration From around the web – Bible Money Matters – How The Emergency Fund Makes For A Better Life Blunt Money – Tries To Define Financial Independence Tough Money Love – Killed Those Mortgage Payments Five Cent Nickel – How To Choose An Online Savings Account…

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