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Living Debt Free – Part 2

I have decided to do a series of posts, ten in all, exploring the concept of living debt free.  This is the second post in that series. Click here to read Living Debt Free – Part 1. Planning For Future Major Purchases If we are going to live debt free, we have to have a solid plan for making future major purchases.  It’s never good enough for us to simply save money and hope that we’ll have enough when we need to buy something.  Instead, our goal is to be prepared – forward thinking – and ready for when those major purchases need to be made.  Here’s our process. The Conversation Once every three months or so, my wife and…

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The Revelatory Nature Of The Common Sense Budget

Several years ago, long before No Credit Needed, I actually gave budgeting a shot.  I can’t, for the life of me, remember the name of the budgeting tool that I tried to use, but I do remember that it was very, very complicated.  After a couple of months trying to make the system work – I just gave up. It wasn’t until some years later, just before starting No Credit Needed, that I read Dave Ramsey’s awesome book – Financial Peace Revisited.  I learned about creating a zero-based budget to plan our monthly spending and using the envelope system to manage our cash.  Divorced from the notion that living on a budget was difficult – I actually found out that…

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You Need A Budget – Success Story From NCN Reader James – YNAB

No Credit Needed reader, James, uses the You Need A Budget budgeting system to manage his household finances.  He recently sent me an awesome email and I’m happy to share it with you: I don’t believe that I have ever taken the opportunity to thank you for mentioning YNAB on your blog. For it was here at No Credit Needed that I first heard of YNAB.  At that time my wife was pregnant with our first child and we were trying to decide if she was going to return to work or become a stay at home Mom. To make a VERY long story short, YNAB afforded us the opportunity to not only allow her to stay at home with…

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