Catching Up

After several weeks of limited posting, I thought it would be nice to catch up with all of you guys.  First off, I hope that you are all doing well!  Here in Georgia, we had a very mild winter – and it already feels like summer.  I think it hit 92 degrees today!

My kids and I planted a “garden” this year.  I use the quotes, because we only managed to plant some onions, some strawberries, and some butter beans.  I had plans for much more planting – but then baseball and softball seasons rolled around – the kids were busy with practice – so we just decided to stick with what we had already planted.  I have three kids, so each kid gets his / her own vegetable to manage.  Watching my four year old pick fresh strawberries is pretty rad.

On the financial front, we have been clicking along.  I am still working to pay off our mortgage debt – Slowly, but surely, those extra, principal-only payments are starting to add up.  It’s been awesome, having our own house, and it’s a nice feeling, building equity.  One of these days, we’ll own it, outright, and that will be super-awesome.

It feels great to write again.  I’ve missed the daily interactions with you all.  I really want to thank those of you who have taken the time to follow via – you guys rock!  Even while I was away (from writing, busy with life-stuff), my number of followers continued to go up.  That’s pretty cool.

Thanks for reading No Credit Needed.  I hope you are doing well, paying off those debts, and saving for the future.  Rock on!


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  1. Good to hear from you again and that you haven’t abandoned this blog! I’m sure a lot of your readers are waiting for you to post more regularly because your posts are very helpful. Really one of the financial blogs i visit often.

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