Making Plans For An Awesome 2012

2011 was an amazing year for me and my family.  I am excited about 2012 – and I thought I would share a few of the plans I have for the coming year.

Writing –

In 2011, time available for writing was extremely limited.  Thankfully, my schedule has settled a bit, and my passion for writing appears to have returned.  I plan to write (a minimum of) two articles per day, one here at No Credit Needed and another over at No Calories Needed.  I also plan to announce the launch of a new site – one focusing on the spiritual aspect of my life.

I hope you will enjoy what I’ll be producing, because my goal will be to create relevant content, from a personal perspective.  I started No Credit Needed because I wanted a place to both share my own story – and encourage others.  The past couple of years, my focus has been – unfocused? – and it’s time to change that.  In 2012, it’s back to the old NCN.  I’ll be writing about several personal finance topics, but, once again, debt reduction will be the primary one.

Connecting –

My twitter handle is @NCN.  You can follow me here – twitter.com/NCN.  How cool is that?  I have a three-letter twitter handle.  Here’s the deal, though.  See, I signed up for twitter a LONG time ago (in Internet years) – just after the site started.  However, I didn’t see how big of a deal twitter would be – and really cost myself an opportunity to gain followers.  I hope to rectify that, in 2012.

(Do you feel a theme?  I’ve been out of the blogging-loop for a while, not because I didn’t want to write, but because, I honestly did not have the time.  Now, I’m going to make the time.  The site is important to me.  Connections are important to me.  So, I’m going to take the time to interact and to write.)

Financial Planning –

This will come as no surprise – but my lack of writing has led to a lack of focus, when it comes to managing my finances.  Making the change from one job to another required a significant commitment, and now it’s time to laser-lock, and put into practice many of the lessons I’ve learned, and written about, over the years.  It’s been stated in a thousand ways – but personal finance is personal – it’s emotional, psychological, spiritual, and intellectual.  I’ve been treading water and now it’s time to get back to work.

Fitness Training –

I made a goal, a couple of years ago, to really focus on my health.  I’ve done a decent job of losing some weight – but not nearly enough.  I’ve continued to run, but I need to run more.  I plan to make 2012 a productive year, a year to make more progress, grow stronger, and be fit.

These are my plans for 2012.  I’ll have more to say in the coming days – with specific “financial resolutions”.  Until then, I want to thank you for reading No Credit Needed.  In April, the site will be seven years old.  That’s hard to believe.  If you haven’t done so, please consider subscribing to the site, via free daily email or rss.

No Credit Needed is an independently-operated, single-author, personal finance blog.  Rock on.

4 thoughts on “Making Plans For An Awesome 2012

  1. The best way to make sure you log those miles is to sign up for a race, be it 5k or 10k. That way you will have a definite goal and a definite time frame to complete.

  2. Hi NCN, Remember me? I’m so glad you have come back to blogging. Yours was the first personal finance blog I read from beginning to end, in fact I think I have read everything you have ever written here. We are going well, we have just paid off just over 50% of our mortgage and it should be paid off mid 2014. I hope you had a great Christmas and I wish you all the best for 2012! Cheers Low Income Lady!

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