Goals For 2011

It’s January 1st – a great day to announce goals for the new year.  Here are mine –

1.  I want remain free from consumer debt.  I am entering my fifth year of consumer debt freedom – and it still feels great!

2.  I want to purchase a new-to-us automobile for my wife.  We have a minivan, but the model we have is a bit small, especially for trips.  We’ll keep it, because it’s paid for, but work hard to buy something a little bigger.

3.  I want to increase contributions to our Roth IRA accounts and our kids’ college savings accounts.  This past year, we bought a house, so most of our ‘extra’ went towards making the down-payment and then fixing the house up (with some new furniture, appliances, etc.)  This year, it’s back to the savings-grind, putting away as much as we can for the future.

4.  I want to accelerate my mortgage-reduction payments, and try to shave an additional two years off of the length of the loan.  I can do this if I am frugal, make extra monthly payments, and live on a strict budget.

My goals are simple, measurable, and straightforward.  2010 was a very unique year, filled with the excitement (and worry) of purchasing a new house, moving to a new place, and working around a new schedule.  Things have settled down over the past couple of months and we’re now in the swing of things.  2011 is a year for getting back-to-the-basics and really focusing on mid and long term goals.

On a personal note, I hope that you have a blessed and happy 2011.

8 thoughts on “Goals For 2011

  1. Thanks for sharing NCN! One of my goals for the year is to stop being a lurker and become more involved in the PF blogger community. So here I go!

  2. Great goals! And you’re likely to achieve them since you’re telling the world about them … your readers will hold you accountable, and we’re rooting for you!

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