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Carnival of Debt Reduction

Welcome to No Credit Needed and this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction:

Studenomics leads things off, reminding us about how we get into debt in the first place. Me?  I used to struggle with unplanned-for spending.  No longer!  Now, I live on a budget – and every dollar has its purpose.

Six Figures And Broke is making some serious debt reduction progress, right in the middle of “step 2”.  Way to go!

Dough Roller writing about the reality of debt’s burden, but has chosen to continue to focus on short-term goals and have a good attitude.

PTMoney has an interesting read, written by guest author Debt Kid, about the realities of bankruptcy.

The Digerati Life suggest that there might be times when a deferred payment plan can help you get back on your feet – and better prepared for dealing with debt reduction.

Free From Broke has an interesting article about getting that “first credit card” – and the feelings that result.  My first card was a department-store-branded card, with a $500 limit.  I wish I would never have applied for the thing, because it was just the start of my unhealthy relationship with credit cards and consumer lending.

Canadian Finance Blog has some suggestions for those who may have lost their job – and a suggestion for how being debt free can make this time a bit easier.

Cash Money Life has a great article about how to quickly reduce and eliminate PMI.

Deal-Erity has some suggestions for how the envelope system can help get finances under-control, and provide the organization needed to then focus on debt reduction.

I want to thank those of you who have contributed articles to this week’s Carnival of Debt Reduction.  You guys rock!

My site has had a few loading issues over the past week, but things are now back-on-track and I have a full week of posts, prepared and coming your way.

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