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When I started No Credit Needed in 2005 there were just a hand full of personal finance blogs.  Now there are thousands of them.  Keeping up with all of the great content and content producers can be difficult, but not impossible.

Here are the tools and sites that I use to find the latest content from my favorite personal finances bloggers, connect with them, and share their articles.

Find Latest Personal Finance Posts:

PFBlogs – An aggregating site that lists the latest articles from thousands of personal finance blogs and bloggers.

Money Tips Network – The Money Tips Network focuses on the most recent content from some of the most trusted names in personal finance blogging.  I’m proud to be a member.

Money Index – This relatively new site aggregates data from around the web to bring you recent, categorized content.

Personal Finance Alltop – This site lists the most recent posts from some of the larger personal finance blogs.

Promote Personal Finance Content –

Tip’d and PF Buzz allow users to suggest and promote personal finance-related posts and articles.

View Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs Lists –

Wise Bread Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs – This user-friendly list is updated daily and ranks sites using several metrics.

Fire Finance Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs – Ranked By Traffic – This list focuses on blog traffic and is updated quarterly.

Money Crasher Top 100 Personal Finance Blogs – This list is updated daily and allows users to sort blogs by categories – saving, investing, frugal living, etc.

Connect With Personal Finance Bloggers via Twitter –

Bible Money Matters Ten People All Personal Finance Junkies Should Follow On Twitter – Peter lists 10 must-follow Twitter users.

Money Crashers Top 15 Personal Finance Bloggers on Twitter – Money Crashers suggests these top 15 writers.

Saving for Serenity Ultimate List of Personal Finance Bloggers on Twitter – This list has dozens and dozens of twitter handles for all of your favorite personal finance writers.

Read Weekly Carnivals and Festivals –

Carnival of Debt ReductionCarnival of Personal FinanceFestival of Frugality – Each week, these carnivals bring you highlighted posts from various personal finance bloggers.

I am constantly amazed by the quantity and quality of articles produced by my fellow bloggers and writers.  If you have a resource you think would be beneficial to my readers, please leave a comment and let me know.  If you found this post useful, please consider using the buttons on the lower-left side and help promote it.  Finally, if you have yet to do so, follow me on and say “Hi!”.  Rock on.

Edit –

Connect With Fellow Personal Finance Bloggers

Yakezie – If you have a personal finance blog and are looking for ways to connect with others, check out Yakezie and the Yakezie Challenge.  Big thanks to my man @mbhunter from Mighty Bargain Hunter for the suggestion to add Yakezie to this post.

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  1. I like to read the carnivals from Blog Carnivals on finance like the one you mention here. I subscribe to their RSS feeds so I don’t miss any editions.

  2. A great post, in the current climate we’re all struggling with debts and mortgages any help is always appreciated. Thanks

  3. Good financial resources online where people can learn different ways to increase their net worth is always a good thing. I think people are starting to really take financial matters into their own hands.

  4. That’s one of the most complete list I have seen of personal finance network lists. I have been blogging for few years now, but so far I wasn’t able to join; this year I plan to take join some of them.

  5. So how has the No Credit Required changed now that it is 2012 and not 2008? I’m assuming you had to switch up your tactics on this one. I remember reading a post of yours in 2007 about budgets and that is when the housing market was crashing…sure wish I listened.

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