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Financial “Spring” Cleaning Is In The Air

As I mentioned in the previous post, I’m going through my financial documents and doing a little financial “spring” cleaning.  Granted, it’s the middle of winter, but it’s a great time to get my things in order.

Taking a break for a bit of lunch, I surfed over to Twitter (click to follow yours truly) and noticed that a couple of my fellow pf bloggers are also in the mood to organize and de-clutter.

Kevin, over at No Debt Plan has written a very cool looking post about How To Prepare Your Finances For A New Year.  My favorite portion of the article, Kevin suggests:

Hopefully you are already living on a budget… The new year is a great time to sit down with your family and review everything.  (Emphasis mine)

Mrs. Micah over at Finance for a Freelance Life has an excellent post, filled with spreadsheets and templates for organizing financial documents and information.  In fact, I just downloaded and printed out a copy of her Financial Life Worksheet, about which Mrs. Micah wrote:

In essence, it is a long document with places for all kinds of financial information on a wide variety of topics.

For those who have ADD or ADHD, check out John’s work over at Adult ADD and Money.  He’s created a 6 chapter Adult ADD/ADHD Money Guide.  Even for folks who do not have ADD, this is a smartly-designed guide.

Well, that’s it.  Time to head back to work.  I hope you guys take some time over the next few days to do a little “spring” cleaning.  Once all those files are nice, neat, and organized, you’ll feel super-awesome.  Rock on!

4 thoughts on “Financial “Spring” Cleaning Is In The Air

  1. NCN – that is funny. A lot of these spring cleaning items could be New Year’s resolutions during the winter.

    Maybe we need seasonal reminders to get our act together?

  2. I thought of it as “New Year’s” stuff, but then again I also did apartment spring cleaning for New Year’s. All in all a fortuitous set of months to get things straightened out. 🙂

    Thanks for including my worksheets, I hope they prove helpful.

  3. This is excellent timing, with the start of the new year you have a recap of all your earnings, tallies of all your loan interest paid and the complete picture of your taxes paid and owed.

    January 31st is always financial recap time in our house; we take stock of last year and set goals for the new.

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