The Great eBay Purge Begins!

I’ve snuck away for a few minutes.  My wife and I are going through our house, room by room, and doing a major spring cleaning.  We are looking for three things – items to sell on eBay, items to put into storage, and items to throw away.  As of this morning, we have thirty items to sell on eBay, several items for storage, and two bags of junk.  It feels good to get rid of the stuff we simply do not need!  (Isn’t it amazing just how quickly we accumulate stuff?!?)

Alright, I’ve got to get back to work.  We have the momentum, and I don’t want to interrupt our progress.  I’ll let you know how things are going – and if we make mad cash from selling our unused stuff.

*Update – Oh, yeah, we also found some stuff that we will donate to a local “clothes closet”.

14 thoughts on “The Great eBay Purge Begins!

  1. Best of luck on your ebay purge! We have used both ebay and craigslist and have had a good deal of luck with both. Craigslist is great because there’s no extra fees and you don’t have to worry about shipping things out. Whatever works!

  2. Storage? Blasphemy. Please don’t tell me that you’re paying for storage. If you don’t need it, you don’t need it. Sell, donate, toss. Then sell, donate, and toss some more.

  3. I don’t understand how the accumulation happens, but wow! I just took a picture of the pile in my living room waiting for Tuesday’s Amvets truck. I purge this house no less than 3 times each year.

  4. Good for you. We’ll be doing the same thing in a couple of weeks. I find it very liberating to get rid of old stuff and freeing up space. Now, get back to work before your wife misses you!

  5. I started my purge on April 1. So far I’ve sold $150 of stuff on eBay and gotten rid tickets on CL. i’m just hoping to find a million dollar winning lottery ticket somewhere in the purge.

  6. I was wondering what you think the benefits of selling on Ebay versus a yard sale are. I am planning on having a yard sale in June with my two best friends. So we will have tons of stuff and have a great empty corner parking lot on a busy street next to one person’s house (convientely located just 4 blocks from me!). I think the location is awesome! So I think it sounds like a great way to get rid of some stuff, without the fees and shipping hassle of Ebay. But maybe I am wrong? Maybe I am missing something? I would love it if you would post some more about this.

  7. I can’t stand selling on eBay anymore, I used to love it, but now it is such a hassle. From taking pictures, to writing the description, to actually packing and mailing the stuff…………*sigh.

    I often feel like I lose money because of all the time it takes. I now have a minimum $30 limit. If it isn’t worth over $30 on eBay I donate it. Maybe I am lazy or just have too much other stuff going on, but it is my reality right now.

  8. I have been selling on ebay for over 8 years now. I have sold well over 15,000 items so I am somewhat of an expert. I do believe you can make more money using ebay (or craigslist for hard to ship items) then you can in a yard sale but it depends largely on what you are have. Each week I go out to 50-100 yard sales and find people “giving” stuff away that I can make money on through ebay. Packing seems to be a hassle for people but now that you can print up postage online and have the post office pick the packages up at your house, it isn’t quite the hassle it use to be.

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