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Back From A Week Of Taking Care Of Business


What a week!

I’ve been “away” for a week, taking care of several little odds-and-ends.  I use quotations marks, because I haven’t actually been away.  I simply took a few days, set them aside, and just plowed-through a series of once-every-year type tasks.  Instead of spacing these tasks out over the course of several months – it was better for me that I just do them all, and get them out of the way.

On the work front, I managed to complete three or four major projects – and get myself ready for some important events scheduled for summer.  It feels good to have my ducks-in-a-row.

On the blog front, I have updated some of the back-end software for each of my sites.  Updating a site only takes a few minutes, but backing up files and doing several updates, across several sites, can take some time.

On the home front, I finally broke down and purchased a new lawn mower!  No, I did not save up enough soda cans to pay for the new lawnmower, but I DID manage to collect a couple hundred dollars worth of cans.  I cashed-in the cans, sold some stuff on eBay, and combined those profits with some gift cards that I received at Christmas.  I am now the proud new owner of a brand new Husqvarna lawn tractor – the very first new lawn mower I’ve ever owned.  I spent the better-part of today working in the yard, mowing, edging, and trimming the grass.  I also planted some flowers in the flower boxes that hang from the railing on our porch.  I also cleaned out the garage and organized the storage building.

On the financial front, I’ve just been plugging along.  We are still funding our retirement accounts, and building up our cash reserves.  I upgraded my automobile insurance coverage, and purchased some additional disability coverage.  The recent movements in the market have actually caused a nice rebound for our retirement account balances, which is a good thing.  I’m very interested to see if the economy has indeed started to recover.

Well, it’s good to be “back”.  I hope that those of you who celebrated it had a wonderful Easter.  We certainly did.  Tomorrow, I’ll resume my regular posting schedule.  (I also resume updates over at the No Credit Needed Network and No. Calories Needed and 99 Changes.)

2 thoughts on “Back From A Week Of Taking Care Of Business

  1. Nice to see that things are moving forward in your personal economy, if not in the national economy. (I hope you’re right about the current trend–my 403(b) is finally back to where it was in October, 2008, but NOT back to the high of October, 2007!)

    Enjoy the lawnmower. I had one of those back in the day. My teen daughter used it for our lawn and a little side business of her own–but she always regretted that it lacked one particular piece of equipment–a horn!

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