U.S. News Launches Your Money Personal Finance Page

U.S. News has launched a new personal finance section, entitled Your Money.  Kimberly from the U.S. News Alpha Consumer blog announced the launch of the new section Tuesday, and I’ve just spent some time checking it out.

On the left-hand side of the page, the site lists the U.S. News money-related blogs.  On the right-hand side, users can click to view money-related videos and click to listen to the Alpha Consumer podcast (an online radio program).  The middle of the page features, among other things, comments from readers and a personal finance poll.

I really like the direction that U.S. News is headed – and it will be interesting to see how the site evolves, over time.  As a blogger, I’m always impressed when old media embraces new media, and that certainly looks like what U.S. News is doing with this new section of its site.

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