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Latest Updates From The No Credit Needed Network

New readers might be interested in another site I manage, the No Credit Needed Network.  NCN Network members create a goal, which they can then update and track via the Network homepage.  As an example of how the Network works, here are the 10 latest NCN Network updates –

  • debtmaven
  • Paid Twice
  • AllPennies
  • AllTheTime
  • Time4Change
  • SeekingSerenidy
  • project10k
  • Greedytoolong
  • Livelikenoone
  • KeepMyMoney

As you will see, if you take a look at a few of the above mentioned charts, Network members are making some pretty impressive progress.  In April, I plan to open the Network up to new members.  I’ll make an announcement here, at No Credit Needed, so stay tuned.  In the meanwhile, you can click through and view the entire list of Members’ Charts and Members’ Websites.

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  1. I’d like to encourage anyone who’s thinking about it to sign up for the NCN Network. Accountability is key! The NCN chart has been one of my greatest tools in the fight for financial freedom.

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