Free Spreadsheets, Tools, And Resources For Managing Finances

This morning, I’ve been busy doing a little behind-the-scenes work on the site.  Going through the archives, I realized that, over the past three years, I’ve created a quiet a few (I think) useful tools for managing finances.  I thought it might be beneficial to create a list of them, and share that list with you.

Free Online Debt Reduction Guide and Free Debt Reduction Ebook – This guide goes step-by-step through the debt reduction process.

Free Printable Grocery Store Price Book – This is one of the most popular downloads from my site.  This free spreadsheet helps you track grocery prices – which will help you save money on groceries.  And, saving money rocks!

Quick Summary of Current Debt Situation – This is page one of the “No Credit Needed Notebook”.  The Notebook is a work in progress, but this sheet is perfect for those who are getting started.  Use it as a spreadsheet or print it out and fill it out by hand.

Single Page List of Monthly Expenses – For those new to budgeting, this spreadsheet will help you figure out how much you are spending – and what needs to be cut!

Inventory of Financial Accounts – This is my way of consolidating all account information in one place.

Envelope System Video Tutorial – I created a video tutorial, explaining the popular cash management system.  This is one of the most popular posts on the site.

How To Withdraw Cash From Your Upromise Account – I didn’t create this resource, but I have taken advantage of it.  I love Upromise, but I don’t have a 529 plan.  So, once a year I request a check from Upromise.  (What’s Upromise?  It’s a free service that helps you save money for college.  Click the link above for more information.)

Calculating Average Daily Balance – And advanced debt reduction spreadsheet which calculates how much you owe – on a day-to-day basis.

My 3 Favorite Books About Debt Reduction – These are the books that inspired me to get out of debt – and they worked!

Financial Decision Making Flowchart – This is what a personal finance blogger does at 2 AM.

If any of these resources help you, and you use stumble upon, please consider stumbling this post – or the individual resource posts.  Thanks!

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