Shopping At An Antiques Store For Non-Antique Stuff

Saturday, while getting ready to attend a wedding, I found myself in a bit of a pickle.  I wanted to wear a particular dress shirt, but I couldn’t find my cuff links.

I live in a small town, and I really didn’t have time to hop in the car, drive 30 minutes to a jeweler, buy some cuff links, and then drive 30 minutes home.  Plus, I really didn’t feel like spending a lot of money on a pair of cuff links that I might wear twice a year.

So, I jumped in the car and went to a little, local, antiques store – and asked the cashier if she had any cuff links.  And, guess what?  She did.  I was able to buy, not 1, but 5 pairs of cuff links – for $3!

Lesson?  Think outside of the box.  I’m not an “antiques” kinda guy.  I’ve driven past that store, what, a thousand times?  But, Saturday, I took a shot and I found just what I needed.  Plus, the old cuff links cost a fraction of the price of new cuff links.

Oh, if you were wondering – Why did I buy 5 pairs if 1 pair would do?  Well, they were all in a plastic bag, and everything in the bag was on sale for one price.  So, I just paid $3 and brought all 5 pairs home.

(I realize that this post isn’t exactly filled with earth-shattering news or mind-blowing ideas.  I’ve been away for a week, and I missed you guys!  So, I thought I’d write and old school NCN post, just to touch base.  I hope you all are doing well.  Rock on!)

2 thoughts on “Shopping At An Antiques Store For Non-Antique Stuff

  1. wow! this turned out to be just the right post for me. I am tired of throwing away/recycling batteries for watches, and have started to think about replacing my modern watch with an old fashioned one that didn’t require batteries, just me to wind it. I was thnking maybe second hand stores, but an antique store would be better!

  2. I just started reading this blog and I’m enjoying all your money mgmt tips. It’s neat to see what other “A-ha!” moments people have that could save us all $$.

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