Online Calculator Calculates How Much It Costs To Drive

I just stumbled upon this very useful site – Cost To Drive.  What does it do?  Simply enter where you are going and what you are driving, and it will tell you (approximately) how much the trip will cost (in terms of gasoline).  Sometimes, I love the Internet.

Before posting this article, I did a bit of searching.  It looks like there are a few sites that offer tools that help you calculate how much gasoline you will use on a trip.

Gas Addict – Uses a map-based tool.  It takes a minute or two to figure out, but it works pretty well.  You can enter multiple points along your trip.

Triple A – Has a very basic calculator.  There’s not much to it, to be honest.

MSNBC – This is very simple.  Just enter how far you are going, the cost of gas, and your gas mileage.

All of these calculators will get the job done, but I really like the one from Cost to Drive.  Check them out and let me know what you think.

2 thoughts on “Online Calculator Calculates How Much It Costs To Drive

  1. FWIW, this calculator is inaccurate. First of all, I do not get the 36 mpg that the site claims. Secondly, gas in my area is at least a dollar more per gallon than the price they use. According to their calculator, I would pay just under $6 for a round trip from home to work. In actuality, I pay more than $11. A HUGE difference. This is why I carpool…

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