StreetRead – An Interesting New Site For Stock Quotes And Financial Information

I just received an email from the folks over at Streetread.  So, I decided to take a quick look at the site.  Here are the details:

The site does two things –

1.  It aggregates headlines from several popular financial sites.  (Think Business Week, Yahoo Finance, The Wall Street Journal, etc.)

2.  It helps you gather information about stocks that you want to follow, by presenting stock quotes and the most recent headlines associated with a particular stock.

I signed up for an account.  (Signing up took about 20 seconds, which is nice.)  I only own one individual stock, so I wanted to see if the site would track my ETFs and Mutual Funds.  Unfortunately, while the ETF symbol was recognized, the site would not pull up information for my mutual funds.  Also, it looks like the site only works with U.S. stocks and does not aggregate information for international stocks.

I think the site has some promise, but I’d love to see them add support for mutual funds and increase the number of sites from which they gather information.  Check it out, see what you think – StreetRead.

Personally, I’ll bookmark the site and watch to see how it changes and evolves.  Right now, the site looks very promising, and might become a viable alternative to Google Finance.  (Oddly enough, even though Google is known for its clutter-free design, StreetRead is actually much less cluttered than Google Finance.  For someone like me, who struggles with information overload, this is a huge plus.)

By the way, this post isn’t paid for or anything.  I just thought my readers might find the site useful.

1 thought on “StreetRead – An Interesting New Site For Stock Quotes And Financial Information

  1. Google finance announced they are planning significant upgrades. I must admit I can’t believe how slow they have been to improve that area. The graphs are nice and they do a good job but Yahoo Finance remains superior for some pretty simple to beat reasons (the portfolio tracking is much better and the list of related news is better). And Yahoo has done little, other than improved graphs, to improve in over 5 years (and in fact has made the site less good in several ways).

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