Looking For Inspiration When The Financial News Stinks

I don’t know how closely you’ve been paying attention to the financial news, but, apparently, stock prices are falling, gas prices are rising, and Larry Kudlow is still “right on America”.  Frankly, while I watch CNBC and keep up with the stock market, I’m a “buy-and-hold” type of guy.  So, while the news looks depressing, I’m hoping that the stock market – and the purchases I’m making right now in my retirement accounts – will rebound and move forward.  (For a great pick-me-up in the face of current news, read this very inspiring article over at The Digerati Life.  I’ve bookmarked it for future reference.  You might want to, too.)

I realize, however, that we can’t just plan for the future – we actually have to live in the present.  So, I’ve combed through my favorite sites and put together a list of tips and tricks that can help us all save a little money – right now – and in the future.

In his always unique style, Punny writes about the 9/80 work schedule.  I don’t have office hours, so I don’t really work 9-to-5, but for those who do, this might be a great way to eliminate a travel day and reduce fuel costs.

Cap notes that 43% of Americans pay their credit cards – in full – at the end of each month.  And, another 17$ ‘usually’ do.  While Cap sees this as a positive (and makes some really good points in his post), that still leaves 40% who ‘do something else’ with their balances.  To ensure that you save money, pay your balances in full, each month (or, better yet, just avoid credit cards altogether!  🙂 )

The Happy Rock has some great suggestion for how to tipping the scales in your financial favor.  By working hard to establish an emergency fund, he now has feels unburdened and energized.

How cool is this?  Trent just finished writing a book – and he already has a publishing deal.

The Sun’s Financial Dollar reminds that some things in life are free – like a free razor (the kind you shave with, not the kind you talk on).

For those of you with a Bi-Lo in town, Thrifty Mommy notes that they have a new rewards program.  While I prefer Kroger, I do shop at Bi-Lo from time to time, and will have to check this out.

We prayed, and GraceFilled’s automobile is going to be just fine!

Lazy Man is selling – and naming – his computers.  I can hear it now, “Sarah Michelle crashed again!”.

Looking to sell your house?  Money Smart Life has some suggestions, even in a down market.  My wife and I have kicked around the idea of buying a house, but that would, at this time, require borrowing money.  And, I certainly don’t want to do that.

My Open Wallet is looking for singles – and she’s not talking about dollar bills.  If you are looking for love, and you love personal finance, check out My Open Wallet.

My Two Dollars lists 35 ways (pluse a few more) where you can watch TV for free.

My Money Blog notes that Vanguard now has new Global Stock Index Fund.  Amazingly, the fund invests in more than 48 countries!  Wow.  (By the way, if you don’t read My Money Blog, you are missing out!  It’s a daily must read.)

Paid Twice is reducing, nay, eliminating debt!  Rock on!  I love this post, and I love this attitude.

My Dollar Plan has launched a new service which tracks the popularity of personal finance blogs.  That’s pretty cool.

2Million moved to China some time ago and has opened a checking account with a Chinese bank.  Wow.  I realize that people live all over the world, but for a rural boy from Georiga, China feels like it’s a world away.  (Which, when you think about it, it is.)

Blueprint suggests (toung-in-cheek) that you get a divorce – and save money!

Blunt Money reminds us that getting out of debt is about personal responsibility and not silly gimmicks.

Boston Gal points out that several people are turning to ‘fake grass’ in order to save money.  (Side note:  It’s almost July and my grass has been mown exactly twice.  That’s right, twice.  It is so dry, here in Georgia.)

CFO is thinking about Christmas (and it’s just July).  Frugal Dad is too!  Time flies when it’s 98 degrees.

Clever Dude has a very interesting article about shutting off your card in order to save gas.  Read the post carefully.  There are lots of important details.

Ana rocks – and she’s still delivering pizzas for mad cash, even though gas prices have gone up, up, up.  I’ll take a thin crust w/ pepperoni, please.

Hazzard sells some gym equipment, and then faces a moral dilema.  Keep the cash, Hazz!

Frugal Babe bought a solar oven.  I don’t even know what that is, but it sounds very, very awesome.

Gen X revies the book Beyond Paycheck to Paycheck.  I’ve heard this is a great read.

Wow.  I might spend a little too much time reading personal finance blogs!  But, there’s just so much good content out there.  I hope you’ll bookmark this page and comeback to it over the next few weeks.  I like to limit myself to two or three ‘big’ roundups a month.  If you visit one of these sites, tell them that NCN sent you.  Rock on!  (And, I realize that the news can be a bit depressing… Keep your head up, have a plan, and keep doing what you know to do!)

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