Looking Back: 10 Years Ago

As part of this month’s Money Blog Network project, J.D. from Get Rich Slowly asked each of us to write an article about our lives, from 10 years ago.

Marriage and Career –

I’ve been married for 11 years, so 10 years ago, my wife and I had just celebrated our first wedding anniversary. We still live in the same house and I still have the same job. 10 years ago, she was student teaching, looking for a full-time teaching position. She would find one a few months later.

Finances –

We were happy – but we were broke. I can’t remember a time, from early in our marriage, when we didn’t have credit card and automobile debt. We didn’t have an emergency fund and I remember, if I’m thinking correctly, that we were foolishly paying 9 dollars a month just for the privilege of having a checking account. Like most young couples, we spent a large portion of our income furnishing our home, taking vacations, and buying clothes. I can’t say that we did anything especially ‘stupid’ – but we certainly didn’t do anything especially ‘smart’.

Kids –

I now have three kids. 10 years ago, I didn’t have any. Man, that feels strange to type. Honestly, it’s hard to remember a time when we didn’t have kids, especially our oldest daughter. What did we think/worry/talk about back then?!?

Credit Cards –

We used them. We used them for almost everything. We promised ourselves that we would pay them off – in full – at the end of each month. We never did.

It’s fun to look back, but it’s even more fun to look forward. 10 years ago, we were young, in love, happy, and broke. Now, we are a little older, still in love, even happier, and now we have a little financial security. It’s amazing how much changes in a decade – and it’s amazing how quickly ten years can just ‘happen’. Wow.

What I Would Tell Myself If I Could Travel Back In Time –

1. Stop borrowing money, start saving money.

2. Not everyone who pats you on your back is your friend. A real friend is someone who will look you in the eye and tell you the truth.

3. Open a Roth IRA and fully-fund it. Also, read a book or two about mutual funds and retirement accounts.

4. Start a personal finance blog. It’ll be the first of its kind and you’ll make mad cash!

So, what about you. What was your life like, 10 years ago?

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4 thoughts on “Looking Back: 10 Years Ago

  1. Ten years ago! Thats half my life! I was 10 years old. Now that is very strange to think about…

    Obviously I was still living with my parents and I didn’t have very many expenses. Although, I was actually very protective of what little money I had. I had my first Summer Job re-stacking my neighbors wood pile and feeding his chickens every day. 3 dollars an hour! About 75$ per month. I was a smart kid and saved most of it… (Ten years later, I have no idea where that money went. Thankfully though, I am back into the savings mentality)

  2. Exactly 10 years ago I switched a live of a small business owner in Ukraine for a corporate job in the US. Kids and family followed. Only now I slowly recover and move to what I truly love, entrepreneurship. Peace!

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