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A Good Experience With Paypal

I recently sold an item on eBay.  When the buyer tried to make payment via Paypal, the payment was rejected.  I contacted Paypal, via the customer service number listed on their website and within two minutes, I was connected to a customer service representative and the problem with my account was promptly corrected.  (For some reason, when setting up my new account, I checked a box that needed to be unchecked.)

Normally, we only read about bad customer service experiences, so I thought it might be nice to report a good experience.  The CSR was polite and she knew how to fix the problem.

One note – The welcome message asks for an online pin number.  This number was assigned when I opened my Paypal account, online, and clicked the ‘contact’ tab.  Also, in order to bypass some of the voice prompts and get to a real person, I repeatedly pressed ‘zero’.  So, before you call, login to your account, click the contact tab, acquire an online pin number, make the call, enter your pin number, and then press ‘zero’ until you get a CSR.

2 thoughts on “A Good Experience With Paypal

  1. It’s good to hear good PayPal stories. I love PayPal and have never had problems with them or Ebay. Keep up the good work, I enjoy your writing.

  2. The couple of times I’ve had “issues” with people I’ve paid money to through PayPal and have been unhappy and couldn’t get things taken care of through attempted contact PayPal did a great job of taking my side. They froze the accounts of the people who needed to refund me the money and SURPRISE! I go my money back.

    I’ve never had problems with PayPal. Even their e-mail support is good.

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